Freight Forwarding

Namma Cargo Services can provide a worldwide warehouse-to-warehouse Air/Ocean Project Freight Forwarding Service from any worldwide locations to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
Namma Cargo Services can monitor each shipment down to the individual purchase order line item, to allow complete control and 24 hour a day tracking facility through our in-house developed "Purchase Order Logistic and Expediting Program" [POLEP]. Purchase orders can be monitored through POLEP from time of issuance until final delivery at project site.
Namma Cargo can provide marshalling/consolidation services from major gateways of your choice. Consolidation service includes receipt, inspection, marking, handling, documentation and shipping of clients’ cargo.
Namma Cargo Services can provide in-Kingdom liaison with the various Government Agencies and Ministries for the purpose of obtaining various permits, licenses duty exemptions.
Namma Cargo Services ensures that our overseas associate agents fully understand the complex requirements of moving freight into Saudi Arabia, the methodology of document preparations for project material being imported on duty exempt basis.