Duty Exemption

  • Namma Cargo Services can provide full administrative support and consultancy services for the acquisition of customs duty exemption approved for the material imported into Saudi Arabia by Contractor.
  • Namma Cargo Services will prepare the application based on general commodities and chemical/hazardous material being split into two separate categories, to obtain separate customs duty exemptions as well as import permits from the appropriate Ministries.
  • Namma Cargo Services will prepare the translation of material in Arabic, denoting the exact material description and the correct classification numbers as per the customs tariff and quantities requested.
  • The in-house Namma Cargo Services “POLEP” program will keep track of the exact quantity of the material consumption through various entry ports of Saudi Arabia.
  • Namma Cargo Services will periodically provide Contractor with status updates of all the duty exemption items being imported.
  • In the absence of customs duty exemption approval, Namma Cargo Services will assist Contractor in application procedure for the customs duty refund.
  • Namma Cargo Services will keep a complete track of duty paid under deposit basis and the refund status in excel file which will be periodically sent to the LSTK Contractor and PMC Contractor.