General Cargo Inbound

Namma is ideally positioned to provide effective solutions to its customers' worldwide air and ocean importing needs. With space reserved on the world's leading cargo and commercial airlines and shipping lines, Namma provides maximum flight/sailing flexibility and a complete schedule of delivery options for inbound shipments.

Namma has the ability to perform complete door-to-door services for the movement of general cargo from any worldwide location. We have a comprehensive communications structure for up-to-the minute information on shipment movement and duty exemption requirements. Cargo information and movement are monitored on a 24-hour basis through our dedicated communications network.

More than a decade of experience combined with highly advanced information technology, enables Namma Cargo to move the shipments quickly and safely. In addition to highly experienced classifiers and translators, we have a dedicated customs clearance team at all entry ports of Saudi Arabia to ensure smooth customs clearance transactions.